Monday, May 5, 2014

Starting Solids


We decided to start Lincoln on rice cereal a little over a week ago. Since he is our first baby and this was his first real meal, of course we had to document it in pictures. I fed him and Mike snapped away. Lincoln seemed to enjoy his first taste of cereal and he was all smiles the entire time. He wanted to stick is fingers in his mouth a lot and was interested in the spoon. He didn’t eat a whole lot but I though he did a good job for his first time.

After a few days of cereal, the next food we tried was peas. We steamed them in the microwave and then blended them up. He did pretty good eating that too. It was a much messier affair since he smeared it in his hair! We took a bath after that meal. The third food we’ve tried is avocado and it was the winner so far. He loved it! He started smaking his lips and crying for more. It was so cute to watch him get excited about eating.

This little chunky monkey is already 20 pounds and getting bigger than all of our friends babies that are older than him. I knew he would enjoy trying new foods because this boy loves to eat!