Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lincoln’s First Zoo Trip

We had a beautiful day last Friday and we took Lincoln to the zoo for the first time. Our timing could have been a little better because we had the same idea as every school in the area and the parking lot was filled with school buses. We already planned the day and I was armed with a buy one get one free coupon so we weren’t going to let the crowd deter us. Lincoln also passed out in the car on the way over so he was a little on the sleepy side when we got there.
When we first walked in Lincoln was way more interested in all the kids running around than anything else. We navigated the droves of children and pushed him around in his stroller, while he played with the toys attached to his tray. We also took him out for a close up view of some of the more active animals. He liked the otters, the goat at the petting zoo area and his favorite was the aquarium exhibit. He’s a big fan of watching the fishes.
We spent just over an hour at the zoo, which is about what I was expecting since it’s not the biggest zoo and we breezed past a couple of exhibits to try and avoid the crowds. It was a fun day and I see us going back again this summer with another bogo coupon and hopefully on a less crowded day!