Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIWW- Printed Dress



Dress- Thrifted, Cardigan- Target, Boots- Dr. Scholl’s (exact)

I just had a walk down memory lane putting this post together. I went to check if I had ever shared this cardigan and dress combo before and I found some outfit combinations I previously wore and forgot but I will definitely be creating.

I was actually surprised I hadn’t worn this combo before because I love this springy blue with this printed dress. It’s a perfect dress for layering and I will be continuing to wear it as the weather warms up and I’m able to lose the tights and boots. I love warmer weather but I also love my boots. They are actually the only thing I like and will miss about the colder temperatures.

I have been eyeing up spring dresses online so I pulled mine out of storage to satisfy my need to wear pretty dresses. I feel like lately all I want to do is buy new clothes so it’s nice to have something new to wear that costs no money. I love reading fashion blogs and sharing my outfits but also leads me to want to buy clothes that I don’t really need. I’m considering setting myself a fashion budget so I have the freedom to buy without overspending. That way I will be able spend without feeling guilty and have some accountability for what I buy. I need to start thrifting again too. Nothing beats the price of the thrift store and I have gotten some of my favorite clothes from there (like this dress!) Now let me go delete the six dresses I just added to my cart at JC Penney…