Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIWW- Jeans Day

black, gold, cognac

Shirt- Kohls, Jeans- Loft via Clothes Mentor, Scarf- Target, Boots- JC Penney

It’s my favorite time of year at work right now. For a donation to charity we are allowed to wear jeans to work on Friday. I’m haven’t been very pleased with the fit of most of my jeans so I took a trip to Clothes Mentor to find a couple of new pairs. If you’ve never been to Clothes Mentor it’s like the big sister of Plato’s Closet. It’s a higher end thrift shop that only stocks name brand clothes. The prices are much higher than the normal thrift store but it’s a lot easier to find something you are looking for and it’s a whole lot cleaner. I left with this pair of jeans and another pair from Gap so I was pretty pleased with my trip.

This will probably be one the last times I find myself wanting to wear this warmer scarf. It’s actually a regular scarf I knotted in the back to turn faux infinity. I was comfortable most of the day but it really warmed up by the time I left work and off it came.

This past Sunday it also finally warmed up enough for us to spend some time outside. Mike washed our cars and I cleaned up the front garden beds. This past fall I was super pregnant so I didn’t do my typical fall cleanup and there was lots of dead stems to cut and leaves to rake up.

Some of my crocus already started blooming and they normally are a late variety. In past years they have almost all bloomed at once but this year I had a couple of bunches bloom which means there are lots more coming to brighten my day. Nothing says Spring to me like seeing the crocus blooming.

Lincoln got to spend lots of time outside too. He really hasn’t been out that much since our winter was so nasty and the weather is just now starting to break. He had a nap in his Rock n Play on the porch and then we chatted with our neighbors that were also out enjoying the weather. He was definitely a big hit with everyone, especially since we have been practically hibernating so no one has seen what a big boy he has turned into.

Later in the afternoon we all went and had ice cream at the local ice cream place. Of course Lincoln only came along for the ride since he isn’t quite ready for his own cone. I had a delightful chocolate peanut butter brownie waffle cone that really made it feel like Spring.

It’s actually supposed to stay on the warmer side all week with a couple of days of rain mixed in but I will take it. I am so looking forward to being able to spend time outside working on my garden, grilling, taking walks at the park and relaxing with my two favorite boys.