Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WIWW- Black and Red


Black shirt dress, red cardigan

Cardigan- Thrifted: Old Navy, Dress- Old Navy, Shoes- Fergalicious

I love red and black together. I have way too many black dresses and I’ve worn this cardigan with all of them. I got this shirt dress from Old Navy in February. I really liked it until I wore it to work and it wrinkled but it was too late to return it so I’ll wear it despite the wrinkles. It has long sleeves but also a tab to cuff them and since the material is light I’ll be able to wear it in the warming weather. Black works all year long minus the tights and with fun accent colors.

I despise tights as much as the next girl but I also hate showing off my bare legs in the spring. I’m usually one of the late bare leg adopters when the the weather starts warming. It’s still too cold in the morning when I leave for work to even consider having my legs uncovered. That doesn’t usually happen until Mid May for me although I saw a lady at work going sans tights and it was 40 degrees that morning. Definitely too cold for me. I only just started wearing skirts in the winter a couple of years ago when I decided that having more options in the winter was more important than being chilly walking to and from my building.

Anyway, I’m on the hunt for a pair of skinny work pants. I’ve lost a little more weight since returning to work and now none of my work pants fit. I bought a pair of Old Navy pixie pants during the 30% off sale but then Loft was running a 50% off online sale so I ordered a Marisa and Zoe cut to see which one I like better. I’ll keep whichever pair fits me best of the three. I’m really struggling to find a pair that fits me right. I tried on the Limited exact stretch before and they didn’t look right even though all the other bloggers seem to rave about them. I want to check out the Express columnist but they are kind of pricey I am hoping to find a cheaper option. I do love my old editors but they are cut too wide for my taste now so I haven’t been interested in wearing them.