Monday, March 24, 2014

The Baby Fedora Trend


First off I want to thank everyone for the kind comments on last weeks post about the loss of our dog Rufus. It has been a hard week but it’s slowly getting easier. It’s strange how quiet it is now that we don’t have an 80 pound dog running around and barking at every little noise he heard outside. Our little dog Abby has been doing really well. She seemed to be looking for Rufus for the first day but now she is enjoying all the extra attention she has been getting. We are working on our new normal as a one dog family. We don’t have any plans to get another one now that we have our hands full with our baby boy.

Speaking of our baby guy we took a bunch of pictures of Lincoln last weekend for his four month shots. When we were at Target the other day we picked up an adorable baby fedora. I can’t go into Target anymore without wandering around the baby area and finding something Lincoln can’t live without. Mike actually picked up the fedora (I picked out some monkey pajamas) so of course we had to try it out on him for pictures. I know that he is becoming a fashionable baby because last week I saw four other babies on Facebook rocking out their own baby fedoras. My son is right on trend with the baby world :)

Taking pictures of Lincoln is easier now that he can almost sit up by himself but it’s so much easier with two people involved. The shots I took by myself were of his super serious face and the second Mike walked into the room Lincoln turned into Mr. Smiles. His daddy always makes him so happy.