Monday, March 17, 2014

My Heart is Broken

I was typing up a happy post about Lincoln's fourth moth update but I just can't share it right now when my heart is so heavy. We lost our Labradoodle Rufus yesterday very unexpectedly. He started acting funny Friday evening and Sunday he seemed worse so Mike took him to the emergency vet and we found out he had a tumor that ruptured and his stomach had filled with blood. They could have done surgery but it might have only prolonged his life for two to four months. We had to make the awful decision to put him down.

Rufus was the first dog Mike and I got together only seven years ago. He made me a dog lover. He was the sweetest, smartest, best dog I have ever known. I was excited to see Lincoln grow up with him and Rufus loved his baby so much. My heart hurts so much that he is gone forever. I have never felt so sad before after losing a pet. I feel like our hearts and house will never be the same without him.

Goodbye Rufus. We will love you always.