Friday, March 21, 2014

Lincoln's Four Month Update

Lincoln turned four months old last Friday. He is starting to change so quickly now. It's amazing how much he has learned to do in the past month.

His latest milestone is rolling from his back to his belly. Since he learned this, he won't lay on his back on the floor anymore without immediately having to roll over. He also started sleeping on his stomach in his crib, which makes me slightly nervous but my pediatrician assured me it is ok since there is basically nothing I can do to stop him.

He is reaching and grabbing at whatever he can get his little hands on. He loves it when I am still wearing my necklace from work or when I have a scarf on. His favorite things to hold are his burp cloths or basically anything soft. He likes to pinch too and enjoys pulling on Mike's arm hair.

We put him in the jumparoo and he is really starting to get into it. At first he just put weight on his legs but now he does a little jig with alternating feet or he does a two footed jump. He loves the music and lights and he knows to look at the lights when he first goes in because they are going to light up. The toys surrounding the jumparoo are starting to get interesting to him too.

The tongue is back! Mike taught Lincoln to stick his tongue out when he was really young and he went through a phase where it was out all the time. He stopped for a while but now he is always sticking it out and he loves when you blow raspberries at him. It always makes him smile and laugh. His laugh is becoming more of a real laugh too and it's so cute. We can't resist laughing back at him when he is being a little ham.

We've finally got a few warm days and we went on some walks with Lincoln in the Ergo. He seemed to enjoy it and was alert the entire time. He makes walking quite the workout since he weighs 17 lbs 14 oz now. He is 26 inches long and still in the 95 percentile for height and weight.

We are so lucky to have this handsome little guy as part of our family!