Monday, December 23, 2013

Lincoln’s One Month Update



It’s hard to believe a month has already passed since I had my little Lincoln. I’m not really sure when the time has gone but it certainly has not been spent sleeping :)

Lincoln is getting so big! At his one month checkup he is up to 12 lbs and 23 inches long. He is already growing out of all of his 0-3 month sleepers and I just pulled out 3-6 month. It really amazes me how different brands of baby clothes vary widely in size. Some of the 3-6 month sleepers are smaller than 0-3 and they aren’t even going to fit him.

In the past week I have really started to see some changes in my boy. He is starting to hold his head up really well. He is focusing on objects much better. He is starting to sleep by himself a little bit better instead of only taking naps in my lap. He is also going a little bit longer in between feedings.

Now only if he would just sleep a little better at night. He likes to take a long afternoon and evening nap and then stay up until 1 AM. Then he will sleep but he’s up every 2-3 hours to eat. I have to say it’s getting slightly easier but I am still one tired mamma.

Besides lack of sleep, I have recovered fairly quickly from his c section birth. My incision is a tiny bit tender if I press on it but I have felt pretty normal since around week two. On Lincoln’s 1 month birthday, Mike and I went out for our first date night to his work Christmas party while our friend baby sat. It was great to get out just the two of us and have a little break from non stop baby care. It was also a super exciting day for me too because I was able to fit into my pre pregnancy pants. I still have a little more weight to lose but it feels so good to wear normal pants again! I do not miss those maternity pants one bit.

I do wish I was getting more sleep but Lincoln is really a pretty good little baby. He doesn’t fuss that much unless there is a reason and it’s usually pretty easy to calm him down if he is upset. He does love being held so I spend most of my days with him in my arms and I’m learning how to do everything one handed.

Mike has been the best father and husband. He is great with Lincoln and has kept our house running smoothly by cooking all our meals and keeping up on the house cleaning. I do not know how I would get by this crazy newborn phase without him.

We are looking forward to spending our first Christmas together in a couple days with our boy as a new family.


His puppy is holding him :)