Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Animal Sweater Roundup

Animal Sweaters

I’m normally not one for really trendy pieces. I like to jump on the bandwagon after at least a year or two to make sure a trend will stick around for a little while. Some trends I just can’t get on board with. A huge blogger favorite is the chambray shirt, which has been around for awhile. I bought one and returned it because it wasn’t right on me. Maybe I’ll give it another try but it just doesn’t seem to fit my style.
Animal sweaters on the other hand are just too cute. I don’t know why I love this trend but I just do. I rounded up some cute options to share since I am still on outfit post hiatus. There are some cute options and also a couple more classic ones. I think the tan dog sweater and white/black bird sweater would stay relevant a little longer than the other options (but the others are so cute!)
1. Kohl’s Fox Sweater
2. Kohl’s Raccoon Sweater
3. Old Navy Dog Sweater (On sale for cheap!)
4. JC Penney Dog Sweater
5. JC Penney Owl Sweater
6. Express Bird Sweater