Monday, November 11, 2013

40 Week Bump Update

40 weeks

I was really hoping last week I wouldn’t be writing this post but here I am 4 days overdue in my 40th week. This little guy is nice and comfy in my belly and doesn’t seem to want to come out!

I had a doctors appointment this morning with an ultrasound and he is measuring at a whopping 9 lbs 10 oz! At the last ultrasound he was supposed to be 7 lbs 12 oz at this time. The ultrasound tech said she had a new machine and she wasn’t sure how accurate it was yet. She also had a 1 lb 7 oz margin of error so here to hoping he won’t be an 11 pound baby. The size of my belly measures a week behind so I’m not quite sure how it is possible that he might actually be that big.

My OB scheduled me to be induced on Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM. She scheduled me a day early in the hopes that she will be there to deliver since she will be on call Wednesday afternoon and working at the hospital on Thursday. It’s still possible he might actually want to show up today or tomorrow but at least I have an end date now.

I have been super lucky to be able to work at home since Wednesday. I was having a lot of cramps and Braxton Hicks contractions last week and being able to relax at home instead of going into the office really helped. I really thought it was going to be time for labor but after Friday all my symptoms subsided.

Now I am just uncomfortable at a whole new level. Bending over is nearly impossible and Mike had to help me put my socks on this morning. Luckily I can squeeze into my sneakers after I loosened the laces so my swollen feet can stay warm now that it is getting a lot colder. There is even snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning. I am off work today for Veterans day so I will be enjoying my day off work by doing as little as possible and preparing to be a mom in a few days.


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