Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WIWW #40- More Third Trimester Outfits


You aren’t going to see too many more of these third trimester outfits posts and that is a good thing because I am running out of clothes to wear! My belly is too big to fit in a lot of the shirts that fit me for the majority of this pregnancy. Lucky for me this week was surprisingly warm again so I got to enjoy some more wear out of my skirts and dresses without wondering how to keep my bare legs warm. I really am quite lucky with the weather we have had for this entire pregnancy. It’s been a cooler summer and a mild fall so far. I just need to make it four more weeks with what I’ve got and then it will be a whole new ball game of trying to figure out what to wear post partum :)

Purple cardigan, white tank, black skirt

Cardigan- Old Navy, Skirt- Gap Maternity, Top- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Shoes- Target, Necklace- Gabriel Brothers

New outfit formula: Find a shirt that fits, find a cardigan that matches it, find bottoms that are weather appropriate, done.

blue and gray striped skirt, gray cardigan, skinny jeans

Cardigan- Target, Shirt- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Jeans- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Shoes- Target

At work we were celebrating the Indians being close to making the playoffs so we got to wear jeans on Wednesday, which was pretty exciting. I have to Indians gear and Mike’s shirts are actually way too big so this was my attempt at wearing Indians colors.

Black and white striped dress, black cardigan

Dress- Motherhood Maternity, Cardigan- Target, Shoes- Target

This dress has been a major winner for me. It’s so comfy and stretchy and I would wear it over pants any day. I think I’ve almost worn it with all my rainbow of cardigans. I’ve worn it with black before but different accessories so I’ll count this as a new combo.

blue and green striped skirt, gray graphic tee

Shirt- Target, Skirt- Thrifted: Old Navy, Shoes- Dillard’s

I can’t believe I found another way to style this skirt. It has been my maternity mission to wear it as many ways as possible and I’ve really come up with a lot of combos. We took a trip to Ikea, which is an hour and 45 minutes away, so I wanted to be comfy plus it was warm out. This skirt is better than wearing shorts and I haven’t worn it casually many times. Luckily this shirt was just barely long enough to get another wear out of it. Mike gave this outfit a thumbs up so I must have done something right :)

black maxi dress

Dress: Target Liz Lange Maternity, Necklace- Gift, Shoes- Refashioned by me

We went to the first of our two weddings this month on Saturday. It got up to 80 degrees which was good for me because this dress is pretty light weight. I got it as part of the summer super clearance at Target and was pretty excited to score a pretty maxi dress for only $15. I’ve had this necklace forever but I’ve actually never worn it. I got it long before statement necklaces were popular and I always thought it was too big and fancy to wear so I was excited to finally find a place to wear it.

black maxi dress

And here’s a shot at the wedding with my handsome hubby all dressed up in his suit.




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