Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I Wore #43- Last of the Third Trimester Outfits


This is going to be one of my last third trimester outfit posts. If I had something better to write about I might reconsider even sharing this one at all. I had problems with lighting all week and I clearly don’t know how to straighten out my necklaces. It got cold this week, really cold. It even snowed in some areas, luckily not ours. I am not prepared to handle the cold weather since I have barely any cold weather clothes to wear. I did dig around in my winter closet and found a couple more warmer cardigans that I can add to the mix.

My calves and feet are starting to feel a little swollen so it limits my tall boots down to one pair so not much cute boots/skirt wearing will be going on. That’s ok though too because I’m not putting tights on any time soon. Socks are difficult enough!



Cardigan- Modcloth, Shirt- Kohl’s Oh Baby Maternity, Pants- Garage Sale: Motherhood Maternity, Necklace- Garage Sale, Shoes- Target

I took this picture after work so I am wrinkly and apparently light behind these blinds makes for bad picture lighting.


Cardigan- Thrifted (Similar Cardigan, Similar Sweater), Shirt- Target Maternity, Pants- Target Liz Lange Maternity, Necklace- Gabriel Brothers, Shoes- JC Penney

I wore this cardigan last week but it makes me feel semi cute so I wore it again. This is the day it was super cold and I wasn’t about to wear my flats without socks so I wore a pair of calf height boots under my pants that I don’t wear very often. I don’t know if I was in love with them under pants instead of over them, but they have no heel and they covered my foot so it worked well enough.



Dress- Target, Cardigan- Thrifted: Old Navy, Necklace- Redone by me, Shoes- Target with bow clips by me

This is what I wore to the wedding we went to on Saturday. I wore it to a wedding a few weeks ago and I can tell my belly has grown because it’s shorter on me now. I warmed it up with the cardigan and dressed up my flats with bow clips I made awhile ago. I never thought to put them on a different pair of shoes and it was a nice touch to play with my accessories since there isn’t much I have left to work with these days in my wardrobe.



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