Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I Wore #42- And More Third Trimester Outfits


Getting dressed these days is really getting hard. I may have said that before but each week it gets increasingly more difficult. Not only is everything getting too small but it’s starting to really cool off and I don’t have many cool weather items to wear. Since putting on socks is almost more than I can handle I don’t think tights are in my future. I’ve been trying to stay warm with tall boots but I think my calves are starting to swell because most of my boots are feeling too tight and I want to throw them out the window on the car ride home from work. I may be in pants only for the next couple of weeks. Not interesting at all but I just don’t care anymore :) I’m just happy to find anything that fits and is still semi appropriate for the temperature outside. I finally had to steal one of Mike’s jackets because the only one I had that almost fit is just not happening anymore. #Pregnancyproblems.



Dress- Old Navy Maternity, Cardigan- Target (Similar), Boots- Dr. Scholls (Same pair, different color), Necklace- Gabriel Brothers

I was really liking this cardigan/dress combo and then about five minutes after I got to work I was dying in the heat and took the cardigan off. I think it was the day they decided to turn on the heat at the office and it was way too toasty for this pregnant lady. At least you can see how I intended on wearing it.


Cardigan- Thrifted (Similar Cardigan, Similar Sweater), Shirt- Gap Maternity, Belt- Kohl’s, Jeans- Kohl’s Oh Baby by Motherhood, Boots- Sam and Libby, Necklace- Thrifted

I got really fashion crazy and added a belt to my outfit today. There isn’t much definition anymore between my chest and belly and I wanted to fix that. I thought when I first got pregnant I would still wear a belt all the time to accentuate my belly but every time I put one on it never looked right. So with only a few weeks to go I gave it another try and I liked it. Of course I had to take it off about an hour before I left work because it started to drive me crazy but it was nice while it lasted.



Sweater- JC Penney, Dress- Target, Leggings- Old Navy Maternity, Boots- Sam and Libby

I wear this outfit almost every weekend so I figured I would get a picture of it. It has had a few variations with a light weight grey cardigan and my black flats but this non maternity (and surprisingly stretchy) dress make a great tunic to wear over my leggings. I would wear this outfit every day if it never got dirty, it was work dress code appropriate and it was socially acceptable to never change your clothes.


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