Monday, August 26, 2013

DIY Flower Headbands Tutorial



I wanted to make something cute for myself that could help to spruce up my look when I don’t want to do my hair so I made myself some headbands. I have made these types of headbands before but I always give them away as gifts. I wanted to be a little bit selfish this time and keep them for myself, after all, it’s hard to find anything nice and new to wear when you are pregnant so new accessories fit into that category.

Supplies needed: Fake flowers, headbands, rhinestones/cabochons/some other embellishment for the center, felt and a glue gun.

I used regular headbands I bought at Target and I made some out of fold over elastic. Check out this headband post for more detail on how to sew your own headband.


I started out with some fake flowers from my stash. I had already removed the flower tops from the stems when I stored them. They just pop right off and I pitched the stems because they serve no other purpose for me. (I never ended up using the purple flower because I couldn’t find a headband to match it.)


Next I deconstructed the flowers by removing the plastic pieces that hold the petals together. Some of the shapes can be interesting so sometimes I save them in case inspiration strikes for a future project.


Next I cut a small circle of felt and found some embellishments for the center. For this yellow flower I used a rhinestone and for the other flowers I used a flower cabochon. In the past I have also used buttons.


I put some hot glue on the felt circle and then started stacking my petals, putting more glue in between each layer.


I finished it off with the rhinestone in the center, covering up the hole in the center of the flower.


Then I glues the flower to a headband and overlapped it with another felt circle to keep it looking clean.


Here’s how it looks using a different type of headband.


Voilà. Four new headbands that took virtually no time at all with stuff I already had on hand. Now I can add a little something extra to my outfits :)



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