Monday, July 29, 2013

Mid July Garden Blooms


I can’t believe that July is almost over. We have been having the craziest weather so it doesn’t really seem like summer. Last week we had a heat wave and this week it has been really cool. I have been dressing like it’s early spring or fall and we’ve been able to have the windows in the house open all day. I’m not complaining. I‘m much rather have this weather than temps in the 90’s. I consider myself lucky to be pregnant during one of the coolest summers we have had in a while :)

The garden is in full summer bloom. This is the time of the year where I don’t get as many new kinds of blooms. Instead I have my long time bloomers going crazy. My black eyed Susan is starting to get a bit out of control so I will probably have to dig a few clumps out next year to keep it in check. It’s such a beautiful plant but it spreads very easily. In my tiny front garden bed I need to be diligent about keeping the spreaders where I want them to be or they will take over.

My purple coneflower looks amazing this year. It finally really took off and it’s much bigger with more blooms than I’ve ever had before. It looks great next to the black eyed Susan.

My day lilies are looking great this year too. They have had a ton of blooms and the bloom time has been the longest yet. They were really slow to grow when I first planted them so it’s exciting to see them finally doing well.



Black Eyed Susan


Purple Coneflower


Purple Coneflower with Black Eyed Susan in the background


Day Lily