Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby Project Ideas

Do you ever go to search for something on Pinterest and an hour (or more!) later you can’t even remember what you were looking for in the first place? I was looking for baby ideas for this post, got overwhelmed and had to take a breather to figure out what I was even trying to accomplish. I wanted to gather a list of ideas for what I want to make in the next 16 weeks. I like to start projects early but usually wait until the last minute to finish them so I need a game plan.
I have made tons of baby hats for my friends and family and now it’s my turn :) I don’t want to go too overboard but there are three hats I am thinking of making right now.

I love this hat from Alli Crafts. It’s a simple little bear beanie and I have this same yarn in my stash. I have always wanted to make it for a baby but never had the right opportunity.

newborn crochet owl hat pattern
I definitely need to make an owl hat. It’s my go to baby hat present and I’ve made so many of them. I don’t have these color in my stash but I have all the colors from this version.
crochet owl hat 
Crochet football helmet hat pattern, Browns
Mike’s request was for a Browns hat. I’ve posted a toddler pattern before but I don’t have a newborn one so I will have to come up with one.

An owl mobile like this one from Home Made by Jill. Of course it won’t be in the same colors and I probably won’t add flowers but I really like her versions of the owls and tree. I considered making a crochet one but I don’t have all the colors I want and it will be cheaper to buy sheets of felt than whole skeins of yarn.

A tree canvas like this one from Simply Modern Mom. We need some art on one of the walls and I love this canvas. She made the leaves out of magazine pages. I think it will go really well with our owl theme. We even have some canvases already in the basement for a project that never happened.

Some book shelves like these ones from DIY College Ideas. Mike loves this idea but I am a little leary about gluing a book to the invisible bracket.

I’m more of a fan of these floating shelves made from Ikea spice racks from A Good Life.

We also might just end up buying some floating bookshelves from Lowes. We still need a place to display my soon to be spray painted owls. I have this exact ugly looking one I bought at the dollar store after I saw it on Sugar Bee Crafts, plus a different one I found at the thrift store. I found a third one at a garage sale but he is actually cute and probably won’t get spray painted.

And if that all wasn’t enough I’m thinking about making a blanket. This one has me kind of stumped though. I’m not sure if I want to make something to match the room or just something I like. I’m sure we will get tons of blankets at out shower but I want something special too that I made for the baby.

I love this crochet pattern from Three Beans in a Pod.
Crochet Chevron Baby Blanket
The chevron blanket I made in this post was so quick to crochet.
Minky Baby Blanket Tutorial from
I also really like this minky blanket from Practically Functional. It looks so simple and easy.

Now to get going on some hats! I haven’t crocheted anything in while so I need to get reacquainted with my hooks :)