Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIWW-What I Wore Wednesday #22


cardigan and band shirt

Shirt- Friend’s band, Cardigan- Thrifted: New York and Company, Jeans- Thrifted, Shoes- Target

This is what I wore on Memorial Day. It was a pretty casual day for us and I just ran some errands. It was also pretty chilly with light rain for most of the day. Mike really liked this outfit. He said I looked like a pregnant rocker chick.

Oatmeal, bright blue and black

Cardigan- Land’s End Canvas, Shirt- Thrifted: New York and Company, Pants- Thrifted: Daisy Fuentes, Shoes- Kohl’s

Another chilly day. These pants are starting to get too tight in the belly so I couldn’t even use both clasps. Not sure how much longer they are going to work. I may try out my Be Band but I haven’t been a huge fan of it so far. It helps to hold your pants up when you leave them unbuttoned but I mostly feel like it’s strangling me.

Black and Fuschia

Cardigan- Target, Shirt- New York and Company, Skirt- Thrifted:New York and Company, Shoes- Thrifted, Necklace- Made by me

This skirt is also getting too tight on me. I unzipped it part way in the back so I could sit down comfortably all day. It may not have much life in it either.

Grey, orange and tan

Cardigan- Target, Shirt- Thrifted, Skirt- Target, Necklace- Burlington Coat Factory, Shoes- Target

I wore this on Friday. We’re allowed to wear capri pants on Fridays and I found a cute pair at Clothes Mentor that was super comfortable but when I put them on I couldn’t find a shirt that I like to go with them. So rather than be late to work I went for this outfit which I had already planned anyway. Crisis averted.

Black and Blue Maternity

Shirt- Target, Skirt- Old Navy maternity, Bracelets- Gabriel Brother, Shoes- JC Penney

Here’s my Sunday outfit. I wore the Be Band with a pair of shorts on Saturday and since I mentioned I wasn’t much of a fan I wanted to wear something really comfortable. I got this skirt from Old Navy Maternity and it had a fold over waistband so it’s not tight on my belly.

Black and Blue Maternity

On Saturday my 10 year old cousin, my grandma and a random lady at a garage sale all told me I didn’t look pregnant. That’s definitely not the way I feel. This belly seems to be growing by the day. The front pictures don’t really show it so here’s a side shot at 17 weeks 3 days. I wear the looser fitting clothes that minimize it for work but I’ve been wearing my form fitting shirts at home.