Monday, June 3, 2013

Late May Garden Blooms


We have been having some crazy weather. It’s 90 one day, then a few days later it’s in the 60s. At least it stayed nice for the weekend because today I am wearing long sleeves now and contemplating putting on more layers.

I have been on a quest to find inexpensive ways to fill up our baby nursery so I’ve been going to garage sales with my grandma on Saturday. This weekend one of the towns by us held an entire town garage sale which consisted of 150 houses. It got pretty intense. We didn’t have a map so we followed the main road through town which is what everyone else and their brother was doing too. The parking situation and amount of people was out of control. I managed to find a couple of maternity items but that was it. I’ve found myself to be extremely picky about what I buy this summer. Since we have been doing a ton on purging to make room for baby stuff I don’t want to bring home anything that we don’t need.

I recovered from my huge garage sale trip most of the day on Sunday and Mike was amazing. He cleaned, cooked and got us ready for the week. We topped off the evening by making a trip to get ice cream at the local ice cream stand. So here’s to another work week. Already counting down until the weekend :)

The garden has been going crazy. Something new is blooming every time I look at it. I thought I didn’t want to do any rearranging this year but now that many of my flowers have really grown in I see some problem areas that need some help. I will probably fight off the urge to dig since I would have to convince Mike to help me anyway. I’ll take some mental notes for next year since it will be easier to move plants around in the spring anyway.


My rose is so amazing this year. There are more blooms than I can count and it’s been going strong. Mike and I were just talking about how sad it looked a couple of years ago and now it’s huge.




I love these alliums. I almost missed my chance to take a picture of them since they don’t last long. After they bloom the leaves dry up at the bottom so they don’t take up much room in the garden. I wish they would spread more. I usually cut the seed heads off but I’m going to leave them this year to see if I get any volunteers.

Siberian Iris

This Siberian iris is doing really well this year. The blooms are very delicate and I had a tough time getting a good picture of them. They look great even when they aren’t blooming because they look a lot like grass.


These columbine were also hard to photograph. The flowers bend down so I had to find a good angle to capture them. I grew three of these from seed last year and they got enormous this year.


My lilac bush is definitely not the prettiest flower in the garden but the smell is amazing. I have contemplated moving it a couple of times but every spring I love the fact that I pass it when I walk in the front door and get to enjoy it’s scent.