Monday, June 10, 2013

Garden Chores and 18 Week Bump Update


This weekend Mike and I got some gardening work done. We are trying to grow grass in the backyard which entails a series of temporary fences to keep the dogs from destroying all our hard work. There is nothing they love more than digging a dirt hole in the ground and laying in it. We also discovered that Abby knows how to break into the fence surrounding my veggie garden so we had to make it more secure and little dog proof.

Mike seeded the back half of our yard and filled in the escape hole that was being dug under our back fence. Hopefully we can bring that part of our yard back to life soon.

I did a bunch of overdue weeding and a little rearranging in the vegetable garden. I had two parsley plants and a tomato spring up so I moved them to a better spot. My cucumber and parsley seeds didn’t sprout so I had some room.   I also had a big hole from my little vegetable lover’s garden rampage and complete destruction of my two broccoli plants so I filled it in with a couple of onions that looked like they were too close to the side of the fence and within munching distance for a little snout.

I finished off by trimming some plants in the front garden bed and I was so worn out. I haven’t had the energy to take on what is usually a typical morning in the garden in some time and it was super tiring. I am very glad I am not taking on any big gardening projects this year because there is no way I would be able to keep up.

This baby really sucks the energy out of me. He or she is now the size of a bell pepper or sweet potato. Neither of which I think has a consistent size which is why I mentioned both of them. I feel this little guy or gal moving around a lot now. He or she is most active at night or when I’m sitting down. I can’t wait until the kicks are strong enough and consistent enough for Mike to feel them too.

I’m still trying to figure out maternity clothes. I wore two pairs of maternity pants this week to work since my work pants don’t fit right anymore. Most of my skirts are starting to get too tight too since they have a high waist. I have a bunch of dresses that should still fit me so I think I will start wearing those a lot more. My belly is getting large enough to look less like I ate too much and more pregnant. My mom told me I look pregnant now and also said I will get huge since she did and my grandma did. I said thanks for giving me something to look forward to :)

Mike and I are still working on the nursery. He finished up our painting projects so we have some of the furniture set up and it’s exciting to see it coming together. He is now considering painting our tree mural on the wall so we are discussing how to make that work. We also have been looking into bookshelves and baskets for the changing table plus a solution to the closet which doesn’t currently have a closet bar.

Onto some bump pictures. Here they are from the last two weeks.

17 weeks

18 weeks


Only two weeks to go before we find out if I’m growing a little boy or a little girl. I can’t wait to find out!