Monday, May 13, 2013

My Big News

pregnancy announcement

We’re having a baby!
I’m fourteen weeks along now and finally ready to make it blog official. Mike and I are so excited to be having our first child. I have been wanting to talk about it on the blog but waiting until I was in the second trimester before putting such a big announcement out onto the internet. (We just shared on Facebook this past week.)
It has been pretty rough for me starting around week six. I had pretty bad nausea all day long, but only one day where I was throwing up. I was not feeling crafty or creative at all. It was just a miracle to get through the day and find something to eat that didn’t make me feel sick.
I finally started feeling better around week twelve and I’m feeling pretty good now. I still get tired really quickly and I have some food aversions but it’s definitely getting easier.
The baby is healthy and it was so exciting to see him or her on our ultrasounds. And yes, we will find out the sex. This is the number one question I get asked. I can’t wait until we do find out so the questions can finally stop :) That won’t be until around 20 weeks so we still have a ways to go.
I’m not sure how much I will share for bump updates since I don’t love to hear other people share all their aches and pains but I will be documenting my growing bump through pictures. Here’s the first one!
I haven’t felt like there was anything to really show off until now and looking at this picture it seems so small. I don’t feel that way since I have been having a lot of trouble getting dressed this past week. Some of my pants are starting to not fit and many of my shirts aren’t working because they show off my new belly in a way I don’t feel comfortable with. It’s not big enough to look like a baby bump, just like I’m gaining some weight. Expect to see my attempts to find ways to cover it up in upcoming What I Wore Wednesdays. Right now it mostly consists of wearing button downs since many of mine aren’t very form fitting.
There will be lots more baby planning coming up on the blog. Mike and I are already in full baby mode and have started planning out the nursery. There is so much stuff for babies it’s a bit overwhelming but we are working on sorting through it all. I’m due on November 7th so we still have lots of time to figure it out :)