Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Top Project Posts


Happy Almost New Years! I am going to jump on the blogging band wagon and do a wrap up of my most popular projects for the year. This was my first full year of blogging and I have learned so much this year. I think my posts have improved leaps and bounds. My picture taking skills are so much better and so is my writing. My followers have grown through the year to the point where I feel like I have a little piece of the blog world to myself. Thanks for following and actually caring about what I have to say! You make me feel special :)

Here’s a look at what I was working on this year.

#1 My most popular post of the year (and all time) is my Easy Crochet Newborn Hat Pattern. I made this cute little hat for my friend’s daughter in February.

Easy Crochet Newborn Hat Pattern

#2 My next most popular post is the Crochet Football Helmet Hat I made for Mike. I get a ton of search traffic from this pattern too.

Crochet football helmet hat pattern, Browns

#3 is my Flare Leg to Skinny Leg refashion. The popularity of this post surprised me a little since I felt like this was a simple project.

turn a flare leg into a skinny leg capri refashion


#4 is my Diaper Cake Tutorial. This one is partly a sensation because an Italian blog linked to it in a diaper cake round up post. It makes me feel pretty worldly.

Diaper Cake Tutorial

#5 is my favorite project of the year, my Dress Refashion. This one makes me feel like I took my refashioning skills up a notch.

dress refashion


Now I’m going to add five of my favorites in no particular order.


DIY Bow Shoe Clips. I wear this pair of shoes at work all the time and I didn’t like them before I added these cute clips.


Fake Flower Headband Tutorial. I gave this headband to my sister but I kind of wish I kept it for myself :)

flower headband

Crochet Headband with Interchangeable Flowers. I love how this project turned out.

crochet headband with interchangeable flowers pattern

Easy DIY Necklace. Easy is always good!

easy diy necklace-001

Crochet Puff Stitch Beanie Pattern. This is one of my more recent projects but I love this hat and I wear it all the time. I think I need more if different colors.

crochet puff stitch beanie pattern hat free