Monday, September 24, 2012

Wide Leg to Bootcut Pajama Pants

wide leg to bootcut pajama pants, refashion
I do not have a lot of luck buying clothes online. More often than not they end up being too big or just not fitting like I want them too. I still am tempted by super cheap bargains but I’m trying to restrain myself unless I know how a brand will fit me. Enter these pajama pants. I got them for a steal but I hated the way they fit. The leg was too wide and the fit was just off so I felt frumpy wearing them. They ended up in the refashion pile but I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I did consider making them into a scarf but the colors weren't “fall” enough for me.
The other day I was in a sewing frenzy and these pants made their way to the top of the pile. I considered making them into legging but decided I wasn’t sure how the polka dots would look. I even googled pictures of polka dot leggings to see if I was inspired. Ultimately I decided to leave them a little looser. I have a pair of pants I wear to the gym that has a nice bootcut leg so that’s what I used for my template.
wide leg to bootcut pajama pants, refashion
Do you see how low the crotch was on these pants? I think that contributed to the frumpiness. I decided to take them in on the inside seam since the waist band matched up pretty closely. I drew a line down the side to my black pants to mark my new seam. Then I pinned the legs of the pj pants together to keep the fabric from moving while I was sewing.
wide leg to bootcut pajama pants, refashion
I sewed a new seam down my line. I had to make a new crotch seam and it took me a few times to get it right. I used a straight stitch and increased the length a little bit to let it stretch more. I also could have used my stretch stich but figured the seam wouldn’t stretch much since they weren’t going to be tight on my legs.
When I was finished I tried the pants on. They were still a little loose so I move the seam over to tighten them up. Once I liked the fit I chopped the extra fabric off.
wide leg to bootcut pajama pants, refashion
Now I have a pair of comfy pajama pants that I actually want to wear! It may not seem like a huge difference but I took a pair of pants that I hated and turned them into something I love. I will now be wearing these pj pants all fall and winter.