Friday, September 7, 2012

What’s Blooming in My Garden: Early September

Did I say I can’t believe it’s September already? My garden is winding down now. Almost everything has bloomed at least once except for my late blooming mums and my autumn joy that is just starting to bloom. I had been neglecting cleanup in my flower bed so I spent the other day deadheading, pulling a few weeds and cutting back dead leaves. My flower garden is still going strong despite the drought we’ve been having this year.

Mike and I walk our two dogs pretty regularly and I always like to admire other people’s garden on our walk. I love to see what flowers other people are growing to get new ideas for my own garden or just to admire flowers I know wouldn’t work in my part shade bed. The beds in the area aren’t looking too hot right now and I am proud of the fact that mine has been blooming all season and it should continue up until frost. I’ve worked really hard to achieve this look. The one season that is lacking is winter interest but I can live with that :)

I got this beryl mum a few years ago. I planted it in the garden fully expecting it would not come back. It has come back and become enormous. I had two of them and I dug the other one out, split it into three pieces and gave it away. It also has self seeded so I have two other mini mums growing next to this one. I love how the blooms look orange when they first open up then they are yellow with orange stripes. As they mature they look more yellow. It’s such a pretty addition to the late summer garden. It’s a pretty early bloomer too despite the fact that I trimmed it down once in the spring.

beryl crysanthemum

My two clumps of black eyed susan are still blooming like crazy. They are one of the longest blooming flowers in the garden. I spent a lot of time the other day deadheading these guys. They will self seed and crop up everywhere. They also spread without seeding so I need to work hard to keep them in check. They would be perfect for a huge bed that needs to be filled but since I need them to stay in a more confined space it takes a little more work to do that. I will probably give away a clump or two in the spring if I have any takers.

black eyed susan

The black eyed susans are right next to my autumn joy. I love the stages this flower goes through. The buds start out green then they slowly change to pink and deepen to maroon. The dried heads look lovely too and I usually don’t cut them back until spring.

black eyed susan, autumn joy sedum

The bees are in love with the autumn joy too. For the number that were covering the blooms they were surprisingly hard to photograph.


My favorite, the hydrangea, is still producing some blue blooms. I love seeing these random blooms pop up despite the fact that the hydrangea seems to be done producing new blooms. It has really grown this season too. It’s a monster plant. My neighbor put a few in her front garden and they look like dwarfs compared to my enormous one.


This are what most of the blooms look like right now. This is another great plant for changing bloom colors. The blooms change from blue to a dark pink. It seems like a more fitting color for the end of summer/early fall.

This has been a tough year for me for my annuals. I planted portaluca in the back baskets and they were mediocre bloomers. I put impatiens in up front this year thinking they would be perfect for part shade. It took until late July/Early August for them to start looking good. I have grown them in the past and had great success but the hot weather this summer had me struggling to keep up with the watering so I suppose that’s why they took so long to grow and really start blooming. They look great right now but it would have been nice to have it happen earlier in the summer.