Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Wine Trip to Geneva


When Mike and I were on vacation we took a day trip to wine country in Geneva, Ohio. We went to four different wineries and sampled lots of tasty wines. Mike was really nice and drove so he just had tiny sips of the wine and let me finish them. We brought lots of bottles home for him to enjoy too :)

The first winery we went to was Debonne Vineyards. Mike’s parents used to go to this one so we planned our whole trip around stopping here first.

debonne vineyard

debonne vineyard

This vineyard was really cute. The inside was very nice and there was a huge patio. We went on a Wednesday so it wasn’t crowded which was really nice.

They had a sampler tray that we purchased with four dry white and four dry red wines. Since it’s summer I lean more toward the white wines but they were all pretty good.

Debonne Vineyards sampler

The next vineyard we went to was South River Vineyard. This one was really cool because it used to be a church that was moved from a different town in Ohio.

South River Vineyards

South River Vineyards

South River Vineyards

It was really picturesque with a great view of the vineyards behind it. We liked this one because they let you bring your own food in. We sat outside and ate our lunch with a white wine sampler. The wine here was really good but a bit on the pricey side so we only bought one bottle.

South River Vineyards sampler

The next vineyard was Virant Winery. I took a picture of this one but it didn’t come out :( This was out least favorite of the four. The winery kind of felt like a cafeteria and the dry white wines weren’t that good. We still bought a bottle of wine but it definitely wasn’t as good as the others we tried.

The last vineyard we went to was Ferrante Winery. This one was the biggest and most commercialized of the four. It wasn’t originally on my list but there was a huge sign we got off the highway so we decided to stop there last since we both recognized the name.

My picture of the outside of this one didn’t come out either. I think my settings were messed up (I was a bit distraught when I figured this out once we were home.) This winery was huge and it had a large attached restaurant. It also was the busiest winery we were at, or at least it was busy for a Wednesday. They had by far the biggest variety of wines. We got the sampler of dry whites and reds and it was 12 different kinds. We also got a cheese and pepperoni tray to go along with it.

I really enjoyed the wines here. It was really hard to choose and I kept sampling and narrowing it down. We ended up buying the wines we liked best that were also the most reasonably priced.

Ferrante winery sampler 

I would love to go back and try some more wineries. We scoped out some lodging and there are so many more wineries that we didn’t get to go to. It’s will make a fun future weekend trip!