Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue and Green Drop Necklace

DIY drop necklace

The other day I was browsing Etsy wistfully looking at all the pretty drop necklaces I wanted to buy. I didn’t need a new necklace but I really wanted one. I forced myself to close my laptop and I decided to go make myself a necklace instead.

Let me just say I am no jewelry making expert. I have made a few necklaces but I still consider myself a beginner. Really basic jewelry making is easy to me but once it gets into bending head pins, I struggle to make it look professional. I think I am probably my biggest critic because I notice all the imperfections more than anyone else would.

Despite all it’s challenges, I love making myself a new necklace or pair of earrings. I get really excited when I get a compliment on a necklace I made. The more I make, the easier it gets. I’ve learned so much but there is so much still to learn!

Most of the time when I make a necklace the design evolves as I go. I usually start out with one plan and then it changes as I’m making the piece. For this necklace I based everything on these beads I got at Michaels.

green and blue beads for diy necklace

Other supplies I used were three kinds of chain, head pins, jump rings, a clasp and seed beads.
I started out by adding a head pin to all of the beads. I don’t think I’m showing in this pic but some of the holes in the beads were a little too big and the head pin was slipping through. I added a matching seed bead in between the head pin and the large bead to prevent the head pin from slipping.


Next I bent the ends of the head pin into a loop. I am still not very good at this but you can find a good tutorial for this at Miss Lovie or Flamingo Toes.


The next part was really tough for me. It took me a couple of sessions to figure this out. I added all of the beads to the long piece of chain. I had trouble keeping the chain straight so I wrapped the chain around one of my craft storage containers and used a safety pin to hold it up. This helped to prevent the chain from moving around when I was adding the beads.


I felt like the necklace needed a little more weight so I cut two smaller lengths of different chains and added them above the beads with a jump ring.


I finished the necklace off with a clasp attached to a jump ring.


And my necklace was complete! I’m excited I finally found a use for these beads. I proudly wore my new necklace to work the other day :)

DIY drop necklace

DIY drop necklace

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  4. I absolutely LOVE this! It's beautiful =)

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