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How to Make a Blog Header Part II {Beautify Your Blog Series}

how to make a blog header II

I got such an amazing response from my first post on How to Make a Blog Header I figured I would show you a couple more ideas for making a header using Picmonkey.

Picmonkey recently introduced collages. This is super sweet because my old header was made out of the collage feature in Picnik so I was excited when this functionality was available on Picmonkey. I showed you how to use collages to make a Facebook Cover Photo so this process will be very similar.

Start out by clicking Create Collage on the main Picmonkey page.

make a blog header

Click on the shape with a rectangle and two squares (#1), pick Ducks in a Row (#2) and pick the five square collage. Resize the collage to match your blog width minus 20. Mine is 1100 so I made is 1080 so it will fit and not go over the edges into my background. It will automatically resize the length.

make a blog header 2

Now it’s time to upload photos. Click on the button that looks like mountains and a sun. Click on From my computer and Upload Photos. Browse on your computer to find the photos you want to use.

make a blog header 3

Once you pick out your photos, drag them over to the collage.

make a blog header 3

You can adjust the look of the collage by click on the paintbrush icon. You can increase or decrease the space in between the pictures, round the corners and change the color of the background here. Once you have the collage the way you like it save it to your computer.

make a blog header 4

Next, Upload your picture or go back to the main page and click Edit Photo. Find the collage you just saved.

We are going to add text to the picture so click on the P on the left hand side. Find a font you like and type in your blog name. Find a font and color that looks good against the background. Since I choose white as the border I played around to find a color that would work against the white border and darker pictures. I also used a thicker font so it would show up better.

make a blog header 5

Now if you want, you can make a fun border around your header. Click on the square on the left hand side. You can scroll through and play with the different borders and see how it looks with your header. There is a new fun border called Craft Scissors. This gives the edges a couple of different scalloped shapes. I chose the last one and increased the border size. I made the border color match my white background color and made the background color transparent so it blended away. I love how fun it turned out!

make a blog header 6

Once you have your header the way you want it go ahead and save it.

Tadah! New header! If you need instructions on how to add it to your Blogger blog check out my first header post.

new header

I’ve got one more way to show you. I touched on this other technique in my last post but I wanted to explain it further. If you use a DSLR camera it takes enormous pictures. (I’m sure this happens on other cameras too.) I’m going to show you how to resize one of your pictures to use as a background for your header.

Go to edit photo and pick a picture that you could crop out a section of to use as a header background. I chose this picture of my rose plant. Click on the molecule icon and click crop. Find an area that you think would make a good background. Look at my proportions: 3318 x 1055. Remember that my ideal header width is only 1080. This picture is way too big and if I put in that width it would only take a teeny tiny piece of my picture without leaving me the part I want to use. I’m going to go ahead and crop it now with the part of the picture I like.

make a blog header 7

To make this picture work for my header I’m going to scroll down underneath Crop to Resize. I entered in my desired width of 1080 and kept Keep Proportions checked. Now I have a much more reasonable size that I know will fit. The length is still a bit long for me so I’m going to go back to crop and shorten it a little bit down to 260. That will make a nice size that doesn’t overwhelm the top of the blog. You can adjust the length shorter or longer depending on how much of the picture you want to keep.

make a blog header 8

Click on the P on the left hand side to add text to your header. Find the right font, color and position for your text.

make a blog header 9

At this point you can save it or you can add a border like we did for the collage header. There is another option too and that’s to add an effect to your picture. Click on the beaker icon on the left hand side. There are tons of cool effects to add to your picture. You can click on each one and see how it changes your picture. The one I’m showing below is called Dusk. I love the vintage look it gives my picture.

make a blog header 10

There it is. Another header complete!

how to make a blog header

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