Monday, March 26, 2012

Basement Painting and a Home Inspection

I can officially say we have painted everything room in our house at least once (excluding our closets- and we did paint one of them.) This past week we finally painted our basement hall and steps. When I say finally, it's because we had the intention to paint it when we painted our kitchen last summer. We bought paint and were all set but our kitchen redo project was so much work we decided to postpone the basement hall for another time.
It looks awesome! Our basement steps were looking pretty rough. With fresh paint they almost look brand new. We also put a fresh coat on most of the basement floor. We painted it 3 or 4 years ago and the paint was starting to chip. Plus it looked dirty and dingy. I actually feel like spending time in the basement now. The hall looks a million times better too. I wish I had a before picture. The moldings used to be an awful peach color and the walls were all marked up and dirty. Now everything is clean and fresh. Did I say fresh enough times? :)
Here are the after pics and yes that’s my kitty in the first pic. She thinks I am going to feed her.
And the before pics.
Mike and I are still contemplating selling our house so we decided to be proactive and hire a home inspector so we didn’t have any surprises. Even if we don’t sell I’m really glad we had the home inspection done because we learned a lot about our house.
For starters, we found out that our deck is on the verge of collapsing! One of the joists fell down and the inspector said if there were more than 10 people standing on it then it could collapse. I think we have only had that many people on our deck three or four times since we have lived here so we weren’t in eminent danger but it was something we needed to fix. It was a pretty cheap and easy fix too. (If you consider crawling under a deck in the dirt easy.) Mike got the parts at Lowes and fixed it this past weekend, with a small amount of help from me. 
The other big thing we found out had to do with our roof/attic. There was a small hole somewhere on the roof where raccoons were getting into our attic. We had heard scratching noises in the past and Mike even crawled up there to look before. It’s no easy feat either. We have a tiny cut out in one of our closets that he had to crawl through. We never could figure out what was up there or where it was coming from. The home inspector showed us where the outside hole was and Mike was able to fix it fairly easily too.
There were a bunch of other marginal items on the inspection too. Some things we knew about (we have carpenter bees) and others we didn’t (the outlet in our bathroom isn’t grounded.) We made a list and did some calling around to get quotes and have some things fixed. Nothing, besides the deck, was too major so we are contemplating how much we want to do.
We are still debating if moving is the best option for us right now but we are going ahead with getting the house in tip top shape. We still need to paint the deck and touch up some paint on the house and garage. We also need to figure out if we want to paint our front porch floor or if we should replace it since some of the wood is starting to rot. At least if we do the work and we stay then we will be in a house that is in great shape. If we decide to go then we should have a good chance of selling for the price we want. I’m just not sure what the right option is for us.