Thursday, February 2, 2012

Knitted Cowl Scarf

knit cowl scarf

I did it! I finished my first knitting project. I am so excited to be learning this new skill. This scarf was super simple.

I used the knit stitch to make the scarf 9 inches wide and about 62 inches long using 17 needles and super bulky Wool Ease yarn. Then I bound it together to make it a cowl. I have a friend at work that has a similar scarf and I've always admired it. Now I have my own!

new camera pics 033

These pics are taken with my new Canon DSLR T3i. I am so excited about this camera. It takes amazing pictures and I haven't even figured out how to really use it yet.

I'm working on learning the purl stitch next on smaller size 8 needles. After using the giant ones it's much more challenging so I need to practice a lot more. I can't wait to start reading patterns...but that's another lesson.

knit cowl scarf

knit cowl scarf

I may be linking up to one of these fabulous parties.