Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And some more painting

Mike and I are on overdrive trying to get our painting projects out of the way. Tonight we put two coats of paint on the ceiling in the bathroom. It was badly needed! A fresh white ceiling always helps to brighten up a room.

We have been debating over the color of our bathroom and, after numerous paint chip comparisons, I think we are leaning toward a tan color. It should work better with the rest of the colors in the bathroom and Mike thinks it will make the countertop stand out more. All the colors in our house are definitely not the same but we ususally stick with a more neutral palate. I do love how all the colors in our house flow nicely and make sense together. The entire wall color scheme in our downstairs was from an Olympic paint recommendation pamphlet from Lowe's. We loved how they did all the work of finding coordinating colors for us and all we had to do was pick the ones we wanted and paint. Our upstairs colors happened more randomly but they still work together.

On a completely different note it got up to 63 degrees here today! We live in northeast Ohio and it's pretty much unheard of to have temps that high at the end of February. We walked the dogs tonight and I didn't have to wear my winter coat :) This has been a strangely mild winter and I am loving it. My spring bulbs are alreading coming up in the garden and I'm guessing my crocus are going to bloom extra early this year. I love spring! It's my favorite time of the year. I love when all the flowers start popping up everywhere.

I have a bunch of projects I need to post and I am finding it a bit overwhelming editing pictures now that I have a DSLR camera. I take so many pictures that I am spending a ton of time sorting through them. Since Picnik is closing I'm also trying to figure out what program I want to use to edit photos. I keep searching for one that will make collages like Picnik did but I haven't had any luck so far. My camera came with photo editing software but it's not user friendly and I want a nice easy interface so I'm not searching the help files every time I want to do something.

Anyone have any advice on easy to use photo editing software with a collage feature?

Can we start a petition to keep Picnik?