Monday, October 24, 2011

Time to Plant Garlic

It's towards the end of October and as the temperatures drop it's the perfect time to plant garlic. I planted it for the first time last year and it's defintely won a place in my garden. Garlic is so easy to plant and it produces great results.

 Last year I bought soft neck garlic from a garden center. I saved the biggest bulb from my harvest to plant this year. A few weeks ago I picked up a two other hardneck varieties at the farmers market, musica and extra hardy German white. I was excited to get some different varieties and they were grown organically which was a bonus for me since I grow an organic garden.

Musica, extra hardy German white, soft neck from my garden

First I separated the cloves.

Then I dug a hole about an inch deep and planted the clove pointy side up. I planted them 4 inches apart. I practice square foot gardening so this was 9 in a square foot.

I put down a layer of straw as mulch over my new plantings

I expect to see some growth this fall while the garlic is getting established. Now it's time to wait for next summer. The garlic should be ready around mid July and I can't wait.