Thursday, January 29, 2015

What I Wore- Pinspired Black, Brown and Leopard


Black dress, brown cardigan, leopard scarf

Dress- Target, Cardigna- Loft via Twice, Scarf-, Boots- JC Penney

I'm joining in the Audrey's Style Challenge at Putting Me Together again. This weeks challenge is to wear something you pinned on Pinterest. This is a common occurrence for me since I am always using Pinterest for style inspiration. I will pin outfits from style blogs I read or check out my feed but my most favorite way to look is to search for a specific item. I get in a rut with how to wear something so I will search for "red cardigan outfits" or "scarf outfits" and I almost always find a new way to wear a piece in my closet. 

Sometimes when I'm lacking inspiration I scroll through my pins and remember an outfit I pinned and get new inspiration to try it out. That was the case with this outfit. I recently scored this Loft cardigan on a 40% off sale from Twice. (Twice is an online second hand shop. If you haven't tried it yet get $10 off when you sign up through my referral link.) After I got the cardigan I found two different outfits I had pinned with a similar color cardigan and this was my first one to try. I actually had this on my board twice so clearly I like this combo. I am also slightly obsessed with this leopard scarf lately. It really goes with everything and made this look complete. 


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Friday, January 23, 2015

What I Wore- Winter Brights

Cobalt, Fuscia, Jeans, Tall Boots

Cardigan- JC Penny, Tank- Loft, Jeans- Levis via JC Penney, Boots- Sam and Libby, Scarf- Made by me

I was planning to do a post with ways to wear my new infinity scarf but I wanted to join Audrey’s Style Challenge at Putting Me Together to wear bright colors so instead I am wearing an older (but still loved) infinity scarf I made. I love this color combo so much. Wearing brights isn’t hard for to do in the winter because I love color no matter what season it it.

I got to try a new picture spot since I have the afternoon off from work today. This was my casual Friday work look and it looks great taking a picture in natural light. Hopefully I get to take more shots from here but taking pictures any time besides after work in the evening can be quite the challenge most days.

Anyway it’s just a really quick post from me today as I am going to go enjoy an afternoon to myself where I can do anything I want sans toddler. Although I can’t wait to go pick him up and see his happy face…after I’ve had my few hours alone :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crochet Double V Stitch Quick Infinity Scarf


Crochet Double V Stitch Quick Infinity Scarf Free Pattern

When it comes to crocheting scarfs I only want to make them if they are quick and easy. I've mentioned before in the past but I have little patience for long projects. I need to be as close to instant gratification as possible when it comes to crochet. That's why you won't see me making a huge afghan and instead I make an overabundance of hats and easy scarves. 

I got this Red Heart with Love yarn in this fabulous burgundy color (or the trendy name for burgundy which is marsala this year. Let me just say how obsessed I am with this color.) I've used this type of yarn for a few other projects and it's becoming one of my favorites. It's relatively inexpensive and softer than Super Saver. I made this v stitch scarf with it before. I really wanted a scarf with this yarn and I love v stitch for a quick scarf that drapes really well and isn't too hot to wear all day. I wanted to wear this scarf at work, since I always need another layer, and I didn't want it to be quite as bulky as my other v stitch scarf. I actually have another v stitch scarf (do you see a trend here?) that I really like too but I wanted something slightly bigger than that one. 

I searched for an embarrassingly long amount of time to find a pattern to try but, as it normally happens, I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I decided just to make up my own pattern to get the right width and length to make the size scarf I wanted.  I thought I should try something slightly different than the other two scarfs so I decided to go with the double v stitch. It's basically a v stitch except you double the number of double crochets in the v part of the stitch (if that makes any sense.) There is nothing earth shattering about this scarf pattern as something similar is all over the internet but I feel as it is my duty as a blogger to share since I'm so pleased with how it turned out. 

I may use this pattern to make another scarf because I have some cobalt yarn (that I untangled, see what I mean here) and it's been calling my name. On the other hand I may try something different since I saw a cute scarf at the store yesterday that reminded me of puff stitch and it's been on my mind ever since. We'll see, like I've said before, my crafting mind changes with the wind.

On to the pattern. Stay tuned too because I'll be sharing some different ways I wore this scarf.



Worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart with Love)

J hook

K hook (for starting chain)

Tapestry needle


DC= Double Crochet

SC= Single Crochet

CH= Chain

SS= Slip Stitch


Gauge is not important but my scarf measured approximately 6 3/4 inches wide

Using a K hook CH 23

Using a J hook SC in 2nd Chain from hook and each across

CH 3, Skip 2 stitches, (2 DC, CH 1, 2 DC in one stitch, Skip 3 stitches) repeat 4 times, Skip 2 stitches, DC, Turn

CH 3 (2 DC, CH 1, 2 DC in the below CH 1 space) repeat 4 times, DC in top of CH 3, Turn

Repeat the above row until the scarf reaches 60 inches long. Fasten off leaving along tail. Whipstitch the ends together. Weave in ends.


You may use any of the patterns I create for personal use. If you would like to make an item to sell with my patterns you must link back to the pattern on my blog. You can not sell my patterns as your own.


Crochet Double V Stitch Quick Infinity Scarf Free Pattern

Crochet Double V Stitch Quick Infinity Scarf Free Pattern

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lincoln's One Year Photo Shoot


I've been holding on to these pictures for a couple of months. They went on our Christmas cards so I didn't want to ruin the surprise. We got these professional pictures taken for Lincoln's first birthday. I really wanted a nice family shot of the three of us because it getting a good one is so hard to do. I am super pleased at the shot we got especially since Lincoln is actually has a smile on his face which is usually the piece that is missing from our family pictures.



It's kind of amazing anything turned out from this shoot considering he was all over the place. The photographer had this cute little stool we tried to get him to sit on but all he wanted to do was pick it up and chew on the end. She also gave him a globe to hold and he just treated it like a play ball. Finally we stuck him in a crate at the end to keep him still for a few more shots. 


The cake smash was the best part of the whole shoot. Lincoln went berserk over the cake. He dug in the second he saw it like he knew what he was supposed to do. Once his hand got the cake in his mouth it pretty much stayed there and he ate a good three fourths of it. He did take a minute to push the cake around like a car too and the photographer laughed and said she had never seen anything like that before. Cake was everywhere too especially since he kept sticking his feet in it. Luckily we were able to give him a bath before we went home because he was a sticky, cakey mess.



I ordered a bunch of these prints the other night too. We started a huge family photo wall and I've finally got it finished. Of course the next day I realized I wanted to print out some other pictures I missed but I guess printing pictures is never done with you have your first child to admire. Getting good pictures of Lincoln is getting harder and harder these days. I'm so glad we had this shoot done to remember him at one but I need to work a little harder at getting some of my own pictures with my dslr camera. Grainy iphone pictures taken in the evening are fun for Facebook but not how I want all of my pictures to turn out. Plus I need some pictures of Abby and Lincoln together. They are best buddies but I haven't taken a picture of them together in a while. Neither one of them sits still though so it will be quite the challenge to accomplish.


Lincoln's 1st Birthday

Lincoln's 1st Birthday-001

Thursday, January 15, 2015

What I Wore- Winter Dress


Grey dress, plum cardigan, burgundy tights, tall boots, statement necklace

Dress- Old Navy, Cardigan- Thrifted, Fleece Leggings- White Plum via, Boots- Madden Girl, Necklace- Styled by Tori


Ever since I added some new pieces to my closet I've been excited to take pictures again so two outfit posts in one week is in order. The post is really to show off this new dress from Old Navy. I. Am. In. Love. Seriously this is the cutest dress ever and I got it for a whopping $14 dollars. I was checking out the extra off winter clearance and couldn't even believe how cheap this dress was and it wasn't even on clearance. I had to buy it. The shipping was insanely slow but once it showed up I was so presently surprised at how nice it is. It was called a "fleece" dress but that's not what the material is like. It's more of a heavy knit with an exposed zipper in the back. I didn't have a grey dress in my wardrobe and I can think of lots of ways to wear it already. I got tons of compliments at work when I wore it too. It was sold out online but it was back in stock the last time I checked.

I have a whole list of cardigans to pair with it and my fleece leggings make this such a warm outfit for the office in winter. I am frozen at work all the time now so many many layers are very important too me right now. These fleece leggings are White Plum bought via and they are the thickest, plushest pair of fleece leggings/tights I own. They keep me so warm and are like a blanket for my legs. I could wear them every day. They really don't compare at all to some of my other pairs and are definitely worth a little more money even though they were still a great deal. They are always on the so check back often if you don't see them. I notice those sales cycle through pretty frequently.

Anyway the main reason for two fashion posts in one week was to link up with Audrey's Style Challenge at Putting Me Together. I love her blog and it was one of the first one's to inspire me to remix my clothes and pay more attention to what I was wearing which eventually led me to share my pictures on the blog. This week’s style challenge is to wear a dress which I is something I never used to do in the winter a few years ago and now either a dress or a skirt is always part of my work week. 

And while I am rambling on about unimportant topics like clothes, I miss having a weekly picture of my outfits like I took before Lincoln was born. Sometimes when I'm staring at my closet I think about an outfit and if I wore it or not yet and when the last time I wore an certain dress or cardigan or skirt and I think it was so nice to have a record of all the ways I wore something so I could challenge myself to wear it another way. Taking a silly picture of myself and posting it for all the world to see has really helped me to develop a sense of style I've never had before. When I get compliments at work on my outfits I have this blog to thank for it. 


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