Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What I Wore- Marsala and Brown


Marsala and Brown

Cardigan- JC Penney, Button Down- Thrifted, Pants- Express via Ebay, Shoes- Life Stride, Necklace- gift

A cute combination that I wore a couple weeks ago. This deep red cardigan seems to be the trendy red color with the ever changing name. Maroon, Burgundy, Oxblood, Marsala. Whatever it is called I like it and even though there are technically pink dots in this button down I still think it works. It's really funny because I saw Jen at Fashionably Employed wear pretty much the same color combination, after I wore mine (but clearly before I posted about it.) Initially I was like "Oh I really love that color combo." Then I remembered I had just worn something really similar. Clearly great minds think alike!

Anyway, I mentioned last Monday that I was sick but was on the mend. Well I was completely wrong because I got worse on Tuesday and ended up at the doctor with an ear/sinus infection. So after a round of antibiotics I am almost better. I was really wondering if this blog post (or any post for that matter) was ever going to happen. This sickness and the cold temps have really worn me out and I am so ready for the tiniest hint of spring. Temperatures in the 30s right now have me rejoicing. Although every time we get some warmer temperatures we get pounded with snow. I am wondering if I will ever be able to walk outside without my boots on again. 

Then to get even more random with this post I have been getting a lot of requests to share different sizes for some of my crochet hats so I am making it a goal to get that done. I feel bad for not responding to people's requests but increasing the size of hat isn't always that simple (plus I've been a sick mess for the last week.) I am going to work on a men's version of my crochet ribbed beanie and then some smaller baby versions. Then after I get that done I want to make more sizes in my crochet bow hat. I just need to pick out some yarn and get to designing.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Fun in the Snow



We have had lots of super cold temperatures in the past few weeks with lots of snow. Lincoln loves to look at the snow and always tries to touch the little bit we bring in the house on our shoes. This past weekend we finally got a break in the temperature up in the 30 degree range. Considering it’s been at 0 or below 0 for way too long, 30s felt like spring.

Along with that hint of warmer weather came about 5 inches of snow. We took full advantage of it this time and brought Lincoln and Abby out to tromp around in it. We got Lincoln a pair of boots a couple of weekends ago so we could finally get a chance to enjoy the snow. We knew we wouldn’t be outside long because he won’t wear his gloves. They only lasted a few minutes so that definitely limited any time outside.

I think Lincoln’s favorite part of the snow was watching Abby run around like a maniac in it. He laughed at her so much. She had a blast running around and jumping through the snow.

Although it looks like we’re having fun, which we were, Lincoln and I both have a nasty cold. He is much more resilient than I am and is bouncing back much more quickly. We seem to be on the mend though so hopefully it’s the last cold we get this season. And even though the weather doesn’t look like it for at least the next week, I know spring is ever so slowly on it’s way and we will be tromping around in rain puddles instead of snow banks really soon. At least that’s what I have to keep telling myself :)



Friday, February 20, 2015

Home and Garden Show



This past weekend Lincoln, my dad and I went to the Home and Garden show at the IX Center in Cleveland. I have gone fairly consistently in the past years, but didn't make it out last year when Lincoln was a newborn. It's always at the perfect time of the year when you can't stand the snow and cold weather anymore. A tiny bit of spring to give you hope for the weather to break. 

Of course the day we went was one of the coldest of the year but at least it was sunny, considering we had a bit of a snow storm the day before. As much as I enjoyed seeing all the pretty gardens they were a bit disappointing this year. I think the theme of the show was Cleveland areas but it wasn't as clear as it's been in the past. The gardens were lacking in flowers and most of them were wilted. I guess that's what you get for waiting until the last day of the show. It still doesn't explain why there were less flowers that there have been in the past. The gardens were really focused this year on pergolas, outdoor grills, and outdoor fireplaces. The structures were really quite stunning and it definitely made me want an outdoor pergola in our backyard. I particularly liked the pergolas that had a clear roof to stop the rain. 

I am definitely ready for spring and seeing all the gardens made me want to start planning my veggie garden. I still can't think about any plans we have to work on our backyard right now since it's covered in a pile of snow but I can think of fresh tomatoes, greens beans and basil. I'm off to peruse for some new veggies to try and continue to wait out this winter.


This was definitely the coolest garden. The theme was the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and there was a wall made our of records and cassette tapes and some really cool metal sculptures of people playing instruments. I got these three pictures and I totally want that piano!




This was from the Cleveland Sports theme garden


And some other random pictures.




Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I Wore- Neglected Top


Navy Cardigan, Brown Skirt, Ankle boots

Cardigan- JC Penney, Tank- Loft via Twice, Skirt- Thrifted: Ann Taylor, Belt- Clothes Mentor, Necklace- Clothes Mentor, Boots- Madden Girl


Audrey’s Style Challenge at Putting Me Together is to wear something you haven't worn in six months. I'm not sure if it's been quite that long but I've only worn this shirt once and it was time to try it again. I bought it online off Twice and paid almost nothing because I bought it with my signup credit. (You can get $10 off if you sign up through my link :)) It was slightly big when I got it, but I loved the print and it wasn't worth it to send it back. I only wore it one other time belted under a cardigan.

I've been debating taking it in but I have no idea how to finish seams on chiffon like material. I also debated taking it to the tailor because Mike found a fabulous tailor that has done wonders for his shirts. (Side note: finding affordable men's shirts that fit broad shoulder and a small waist is nearly impossible.) So before I make any decisions with this shirt I decided to give it another try by tucking it in, which is my go to move when a shirt is a bit wide. I still love the print and it came together really nicely. I feel like I the shirt looks slightly disheveled in this picture but I wasn't wasting another second standing outside in the cold.

This was actually when the temperature was about 30 degrees warmer than it is right now too. It can warm up a bit any time. I am over temperatures below 0 and we are getting a little bit stir crazy in our house. I would just be happy if the snow would melt and I could walk outside without my nostrils freezing. End winter weather rant.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Lincoln at 15 months


15 months! This kid is growing up so fast, but I'm sure every parent says that. I feel like in this past month Lincoln is starting to understand what we are saying so much more. He's also learning to copy a lot of the daily actions we take. He also is getting better at indicating if he wants something even if he can't actually say what he wants yet.

I give him a pouch every morning and when we come downstairs, he runs into the kitchen and over to the cabinet where he knows we keep the pouches (and his snacks.) Then he reaches up his hands and starts whining for his pouch. When I pull one out of the cabinet he gets really excited. It's so funny and we go through it every morning now. 

He's getting pretty good at throwing the pouch away in the trash when he's done. I have to give him a little coaxing but he will drop it in the trash can. Then I clap and he claps too. So adorable!

He is such a little dancer now. He loves to dance when he hears music. It can even be from a commercial or the opening them song of a tv show and he will start bouncing. We play music a lot after we get home from work and before dinner. Sometimes Lincoln really gets into it and shakes his head or waves his arm around. I just die every time. It's so funny. 

On a not so fun note, we went for his second professional haircut the other day and it was not a pleasant experience. He was fine until I set him down in the chair and then he started crying and reaching for me. He cried the whole time and I felt so bad. There were a lot of people waiting so I don't know if it was the crowd or what but he was having major stranger anxiety :/ He did look adorable after his cut and was in the best mood after we got home. We took a bunch of new haircut selfies and he was totally hamming it up for the camera.

Lincoln haircut

He hasn't been saying a lot of new words lately but sometimes he will mimic what we say but then he won't say the word again. Every since our night away from him though he has been saying Mom, mommy, dad and daddy a lot. He also has been making some ear piercing screams when he wants our attention and sometimes he yells Mom! Mike and I usually just laugh at him, because what else can you do? It's amazing how loud such a tiny kid can be. 

He's still a great eater and loves almost anything we give him. He just started learning how to use a fork to pick up his food. I have never been so proud. He will abandoned it after a few bites because his hands are quicker but he's getting there. We've also been practicing with a regular cup because he is obsessed with our drinks but it usually ends in him completely soaking the front of his clothes and leaving a puddle on the floor. We still have a ways to go with that lol.

So here’s some more pictures of my little dude. I did better this month with taking pics even if they all came from my phone.


lincoln 15 month


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